Learn to quilt from start to finish using fat quarter quilt patterns

Making Quilting Accessible For All

Learn to quilt on a budget.

Ever seen the beautiful fat quarter bundles in Aldi middle isle and wondered what to do with them?

Let me show you how to make a quilt without having to buy all the expensive tools.

Learn to quilt on a budget with aldi fat quarters

Let me show you how to use things you have at home to start quilting on a budget.

I am a teacher at heart and I love combining my love of quilting with my love of teaching to bring you step by step follow along tutorials for every one of my patterns.

Every one of my patterns includes a follow along video tutorial

For all of you who love to see what the pattern is talking about there is a video tutorial for each pattern so you can pause and play to your hearts content.

Bringing the joy to quilting...done is better than perfect!

I don't believe in there being only one way to do things and this includes quilting. No quilting police here. Just fun, banter and quilts!